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Elvi Stassinou

Real Estate and Property Law

Our law firm advises our international and domestic clients on the purchase of various properties in various areas of Greece. We provide high-level expertise in all types and stages of real estate transactions, including:

  • Purchase/Sale of Immovable Property
  • Property Management
  • Tax Related Matters
  • Researches & Investigations in the Land Registry
  • Construction & Developement
  • Building Legislation Compliance
  • Coordination of Agents, Notaries, Civil Engineer

We have also wide experience in real estate litigation and we have acted in various cases, including:

  • Landlord and Tenant Disputes
  • Construction Disputes
  • Neighbour Disputes
  • Building Authority Disputes

Golden Visa

Our law firm, successfully handles from the beginning until the end, those who wish to acquire the golden visa.

Estate & Inheritance Law

Our law firm has extensive experience in dealing with inheritance matters and estates involving assets in Greece. Our services include between others:

  • Administration of the Estate (transferring of real estate or other assets, closing bank accounts)
  • Power of Attorneys (POAs)
  • Probate Court Proceedings – Court’s Inheritance Certificate
  • Disputed Wills
  • Acceptance of Inheritance Proceedings
  • Inheritance Tax Matters

Greek identity and passport for descedants of greek people

It is very important, that people who do not belong to the eu, to acquire a greek passport.This is being done when they have a parent or grand parent greek. The procedure is not so easy and is a lot of burocratic. We handle the whole procedure from the beginning until the end.

Vehicle accident law and litigation disputes

Before resorting to litigation, we examine the possibility of an out of court settlement of the dispute and guide our clients through negotiation and settlement strategies. When our first step is not achieved then we procede to litigation. Elvi Stassinou is representing one of the biggest insurance companies in Greece for many years and she has handled numerous cases on vehicle accident law, successfully.

  • Property and Land Disputes
  • Negligence and Accident Claims

Criminal law

Having obtained the top of diplomas Dr Elvi Stassinou PhD in criminal law, she can handle with success any case of criminal law.

More than 20 years experience on property transactions for international clients