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What is the first thing, that a purchaser must do, when he/she decides to purchase a property?
The purchaser, before deciding which property wishes to purchase, must always visit before his/her lawyer first. In case he/she has not visited his lawyer first, and has chosen the property where he wishes to purchase, must never, sign any kind of agreements, or give deposits.
Which are the steps, of the purchase contract?
The purchaser, must give power of attorney to his/her lawyer. This power of attorney, has the order to purchase property. Whatever property the client wishes to purchase. So, in case, something goes wrong, and the purchaser, does not wish to go through with the certain property that he has chosen, the certain power of attorney is valid, for any property. With this power of attorney, the purchaser gives also the order to the lawyer, to get for him, a TAX number, to open a bank account for him, to represent him to all the public authorities and also to be able to handle all the bureaucracy involved, with the Tax office, regarding the purchase, and always sign on his behalf the contract, without the purchaser being present, in case the purchaser is abroad. In case, the purchaser wishes to purchase a plot of land, and then build a house on it, the same power of attorney being given, will contain all the orders, regarding the City Planning service, the IKA (insurance of the workers), all the Public Services e.t.c.
Why do I need to get a Tax Number?
Whatever assets you have here in Greece, you must always get a tax number. Even for buying a vehicle. And of course, when you have assets here in Greece, once a year you must make a tax return.
Do I have to make a will?
It is always recommended to our clients to conduct their greek will for all the assets they obtain in Greece. The reason is, that the absence of a greek will can make things very complicated for the heirs, since the law that applies always is the law of the deceased.
What do I need to bring with me, when I decide to buy a property in Greece?
You must have photocopies of your passport. In order to open a bank account, according to the new regulations, you must bring a utility bill, your yearly tax return and a certificate from your worker.
What is the first step, we must do before we purchase?
Our first step, is to ask, the titles from the seller, the topographs, and if there is a house also the building permit. The lawyer, must do a research to the registry office, in order to verify that the property is completely clear. After he has done so, it is always recommended to the client to employ an independent civil engineer, in order to take full copies of the file of the building permit, remesure the property to verify that the metres are right, note any illegalities that might be and check before signing the final contract that the seller has corrected those illegalities, check that the insurance of the workers is fully paid, check that the electricity is permanent. Then the purchaser can give a deposit to the seller, usually they ask the 10% of the purchase price to secure the agreement. For that reason, the lawyer prepares a precontract between the two parties.
Which is the most important thing, when someone purchases a house?
The most important thing is to check, that there are no illegalities in the property, that the electricity from temporary is permanent and also that the seller, has paid, the insurance of the workers the IKA. The engineer will provide us with a report, regarding the status of the house.
What are the expenses involved when someone purchases a property?
The purchaser, must pay, his lawyer, the notary fees, the registry office fees, the tax, his agent fees (if there is an agent) and his engineer’s fees (if they ask to employ an engineer to make a survey). Those expenses do not usually exceed the amount of 10%.
When someone, wishes to buy a plot of land and construct a house, (two in one) through a construction company, what he must do in order to secure his deposits?
We always advice our clients, for every stage payment, when the company says, that the stage is being completed and they ask us to send the next stage payment, to employ an engineer, in order to check that every stage is being completed. If they do not wish to employ an engineer, we always advice them, to make a trip and see that the stage is actually being completed. So, in case, the stage is not being completed, we do not release the next stage payment.

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