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60, Sfakion St., Chania, Crete


Our law firm provides high quality services in 6 languages (Greek, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) from 1999.

Our law firm, is included to the best law offices to both the British Embassy and the American Embassy.

We expertise in cases, of property law, and especially eu nationals and non eu nationals, that wish to purchase property in Greece.

Having always great respect to the choice of our clients, of the certain property they wish to purchase, no matter its complexity, we always find solutions, in order the purchase agreement is being completed, so at the end, the purchaser, buys a clear property, with no legal problems.

Even though the client, gives the power of attorney, we always, inform our client, before doing anything, and we must always, have the client’s oral consent, before doing anything, even though, we have the power of attorney.

We inform, the client during the whole process, and always provide the client, with the full picture of everything that is going on. So, even though the client is not present, usually at the time residing abroad, he/she feels, being present and most important feels safe, that his/her interests are being protected in the best possible way.

We also expertise to the field of vehicle law, as we have a lot of experience in vehicle accident cases, since Elvi Stassinou for many years is one of the lawyers of the biggest insurance company in Greece.

Our law office, has selected the finest and most reliable notaries, civil-engineers, architects, accountants, project managers.

Up to now, we have dealt with success, many purchase contracts, with eu nationals and non eu nationals, where they have purchased properties from various construction companies, estate agencies and various individuals where all of them, where completely satisfied.